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Future of Coal

Griffin Coal is a proactive supporter of clean coal initiatives in order to minimise green house gas emissions.

Methods to substantially reduce greenhouse gases emissions to the atmosphere have been developed by world leading researchers to alleviate (where possible) the instance of carbon dioxide entering the atmosphere.

Recently the potential to store or convert carbon dioxide gas was recognised as a possible way to reduce the extent to which the gas escapes into the atmosphere. This process, called sequestration, involves the permanent storage of carbon dioxide and potential storage options suggested by researchers include:

  • Pumping it into depleted oil and gas fields, or geological structures that will not allow the carbon dioxide to escape.
  • Dissolving it in the deep ocean, or in deep saline aquifers.
  • Rapid biological recycling into plants such as algae.
  • Production of a stable carbonate mineral.
  • Planting of forests to sequester (lock up) carbon in timber.

Griffin Coal is taking a leading stance in the storage of carbon dioxide through sequestration, through the use of its unused mines store carbon dioxide.

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