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Step 1. Exploration & Development

Exploration & DevelopmentThe first stage to any coal production operation is exploration and development. This takes place to locate and determine the most appropriate methodology to extract the mineral.

Exploration and development involves the combined efforts of geologists, geotechnical engineers, mining engineers, coal technologists and surveyors.

The geologist is responsible for defining the shape, size and quality of the coal reserves and for producing a computer model.

This model is used by the mining engineers to plan and manage the mining process taking into consideration:

  • Mine wall stability.
  • Scheduling of coal production at a consistent rate and quality.
  • Controlling groundwater seepage and rainwater runoff.
  • Mining block and backfill designs for minimal possible overburden removal distance.
  • Optimising equipment deployment and productivity.
  • Minimising operational interruptions.
  • Optimising drill and blast practices.

Surveyors support both the geologists and mining engineers by ensuring that the data required for deposit modelling is correctly gathered in the first instance. Surveyors also confirm that the engineers’ mine plans are accurately reflected in the mine development.

As Griffin Coal’s mining occurs in soft, saturated sediments, sometimes at great depth, Griffin Coal has had to achieve high standards of professionalism in the above disciplines.

Once land has been prepared mining can commence. Click Here to find out more about mining.