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Product Uses & Quality

ISO 9001-2000

Quality products to fulfil your energy supply needs.

Griffin Coal specialises in providing consistent quality products ideal to fulfil your energy supply needs.

Product Uses

Thermal (or steaming coal) is used to raise steam and is ideal for power stations to produce high pressure steam that drives turbines to generate electricity. This power production method is the most common way that electricity is produced in Australia.

Thermal coal can also be used to fire cement and lime kilns and was used to power coal trains.

Approximately 90% of Collie coal is used as thermal coal, mostly in power stations but also to fire cement kilns in Perth. Most of the remainder is used metallurgically by the mineral sands industry, to reduce ilmenite to synthetic rutile. A small quantity is used to reduce silica sand to silicon metal. Other specifications of coal are available and special requests may be accommodated.

Quality Control

Griffin Coal’s quality policy is supported by a Quality Management System (QMS), which has been certified to the requirements of ISO 9001 – 2000 and earlier standards, since 1996.

This overlies all aspects of the Company’s operations to ensure that:

  • Griffin Coal provides quality products and customer service as an integral part of the Company’s business, in the interests of all stakeholders.
  • Products not only comply with customers contractual specifications in terms of energy content, sizing and delivery, but also meet their specific needs.
  • Griffin Coal’s marketing department will not make promises that the production department cannot keep.
  • The mining process is controlled to maximise consistency of coal. This involves knowing the quality differences between coal seams so that these can be scheduled and blended, keeping an eye on the weather.
  • Sources of non-conforming product (actual or potential) are traceable. Coal is a natural product with natural variability.
  • Instances of product non-conformance are quickly identified and customer impacts minimised. Causes of product non-conformance are identified and addressed.
  • Causes of product non-conformance are identified and addressed.
  • Griffin Coal personnel are trained to a high compentency in order to maintain quality at all stages of the production process.

The performance of Griffin Coal’s quality system is monitored by regular internal audit and management review meetings. This ensures that the QMS requirements are observed and that it continues to meet the requirements of the Standard and the Company.

The system is also externally monitored by SGS International Certification Services Pty Ltd SGS are themselves accredited for the purpose by Joint Accreditation Standards – Australia New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).

The day by day control of Griffin Coal’s quality performance is achieved by:

  • Sampling and analysing of coal before mining, from drill holes and in the mines once the seams are uncovered.
  • Sampling and real time monitoring of run-of-crusher products going into the Ewington plant.
  • Automatic sampling (complying with Australian Standard 1464) and instrumental monitoring of all products loaded out of the Ewington plant and the Muja Mine (in the latter instance, the sampling is undertaken by the customer).
  • Rapid analysis and result reporting by an independent coal laboratory in Collie (Accura Analytical Laboratories Pty Ltd). Customers supplied by rail will usually know the consignment quality before the coal is delivered.
  • Statistical monitoring to track consistency in quality performance.

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