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Environmental Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

Griffin Coal is committed to ensuring management of its mining operations are undertaken in a sustainable manner.

Griffin Coal aims to minimise, mitigate and remediate any impacts from its business on the environment. Griffin Coal recognises that excellence in managing the Company’s environmental performance is critical to its business success.

This approach encompasses consideration of the environment in all stages of mining; efficient and responsible use of resources, and the rehabilitation of areas affected by mining. As a minimum Griffin Coal ensures that activities are carried out in compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Griffin Coal is committed to a sustainable future for its business through significant investment in research and development, rehabilitation, renewable energy projects and local environmental initiatives.

Griffin Coal has developed an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the international standard ISO 14001. An integral part of the EMS is Griffin Coal’s Environmental Policy.

As part of Griffin Coal’s EMS, key environmental aspects relevant to the mining operations have been identified and are described in environmental management plans. Management procedures and measures have been developed in accordance with these to minimise impacts.

By contributing to the successful future of the coal and energy industry through an investment in sustainability, Griffin Coal is delivering social, economic and environmental benefits to Western Australia.

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