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Ewington 1 & 2 Mines

A leading player in the commercial/industrial domestic coal market.

Location: 10 kilometres east of Collie, Western Australia

Mine size: 100 metres deep

Ewington 2 – Year mining commenced: 1996

Ewington 1 – Year mining commenced: 2009

Type of mining: Open cut

Type of coal: Primarily thermal coal however several coal faces are available at different depths providing flexibility for blended coal. This can be delivered direct to clients by rail or truck.

Primary use of Ewington Coal: Ewington specialises in thermal coal but also has products suited to metallurgical purposes. Ewington Coal is available for purchase.

Mine summary:

The Ewington mine lies within the Premier Coal Measures, 10 kilometres east of Collie and is gradually advancing down dip to the east.

There are three main seams (1.5 metres to three metres thick) and four associated seam splits of one metre or less being mined within a 25 metre vertical section. These seams are generally smaller than Muja but production levels are similar. Deepening of the mine is underway to develop a further three seams.

The seams are gently dipping but are subject to structural faults and the occasional “washout.” Faults and washouts are managed within the normal course of operations. The mine is along a two kilometre strip parallel to the seam subcrop.

The same mining methods and equipment from Muja mine are used at Ewington, for reasons of flexibility in equipment deployment.

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