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Proposed Muja South Mine

Location: South and east of Muja Mine (Muja Mine is 18 kilometres south east of Collie).

Size: ~140 million tones of recoverable resource.

Year mining is expected to commence: Estimated at 2012, to be confirmed pending environmental approvals.

Type of mining: Open cut.

Muja South is a proposed new mine site immediately south and east of the existing Muja Mine, intended to form the next phase in the orderly development of Griffin Coal’s Collie coal deposits.

Project Update:

The project is being readied for environmental assessment, beginning with referral to the Western Australian Environmental Protection Authority under Section 38 of the Environmental Protection Act 1986 to set the appropriate level of assessment. The assessment phase will include an extensive consultation program designed to identify and define any community and regulatory concerns. This process is expected to take between 18 and 24 months.

If it proceeds, the project will use existing infrastructure from the Muja Mine and an in-pit waste dumping process wherein partial backfilling of pits will occur as mining proceeds, reducing the need for out of pit waste dumps and minimising the overall mine footprint.


In support of the environmental assessment process, Griffin Coal’s Environment Department has commissioned a number of environmental investigations into surface and ground water, flora and fauna, ethnographic matters and various waste assessments.

The next set of studies will flow from the final mine plan that will include assessments of likely noise and dust impacts and greenhouse gas emissions.


Community consultation will form part of the assessment phase of the project and will lead in to environmental approval. All publicly available documents will be accessible from this webpage in the future.